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Message from the responsible authority


On behalf of Riverton Administration and on my own behalf, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you all. At Riverton, we aim at doing the best for you. I am certain that you will like what you will get here. Currently, Riverton offers an academic education as you will see in this Handbook.

Our education is by no means different from that of the Western world or other developed countries. It should be accepted that certain skills are not part of such an education system. One may suggest that all learning and teaching be practical and so help to solve personal and societal problems. Teachers and students should understand the subject matter or concepts by putting emphasis on application, the doing part of learning. Such a paradigm shift would validate education in a remarkable way.

There is need, therefore, to divert our ‘single track’ education of the academic type into a double or multi-track education to provide diversified vocational courses which really prepare secondary students for life and make our education job oriented and productive.

Riverton education system will soon be re-organised in terms of job orientation, work experience and development of skills and attitudes that will make for self-employment rather than search for jobs. Tagore (2004) has this to say, “A man may be eminent in book learning but his education remains incomplete till he has learnt to put his hand to good and efficient purpose.” Mahatma Gandhi also stressed the importance of working with head and hand together. Learning of History should change attitudes and behaviour. All sciences and Mathematics should be practical and productive.

Develop life skills from all concepts learnt. For example, from electricity, magnetism and other concepts learnt in Physics, life skills should be realised. Education must not end with book knowledge but must go further towards being productive.