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2017 Meals Table

Monday Sausage,boiled eggs,baked beans,bread,spreads,tea /coffee and bread tea break - egg mayo sandwiches
Tuesday Polony,saufee potatoes,scrambled eggs,baked beans,cereals,bread,juice tea break - chompkins
Wednesday Sausage,boiled eggs,baked beans,bread,spreads,tea /coffee and bread tea break - chompkins
Thurday Polony,saufee potatoes,baked beans,cereals,bread,juice/tea/coffee tea break - egg sandwiches
Friday Fried mince,baked beans,scrambled eggs,cereals,bread,spread,juice/tea/coffee tea break - bread
Saturday Sausage,boiled eggs,baked beans,bread,spreads,tea /coffee and bread tea break - bread
Sunday Saufee potatoes,scrambled eggs,baked beans,cereals,bread,juice/tea/coffee tea break - chompkins

Monday Kentucky fried chicken ,savoury rice,fried pasta,gravy,vegetables in season,Sadza and green vegetables,juice,potato salad Dessert - pudding
Tuesday Beef stew,roast pork,salsa rice,baked pasta with cheese ogratin ,gravy, Vegetables in season ,sadza with green vegetables Dessert - yogurts
Wednesday Crumbled chicken ,Roast potatoes,pasta with cheese sauce ,gravy,vegetable in season,sadza with green vegetables,juice,coleslaw salad Dessert - fruits
Thurday Sphaggetti bolonise,salsa rice,roast pork,saqdza with green vegetables,vegetables in season,juice ,gravy,coleslaw salad Dessert - Triffle
Friday Chicken and chips,salad ,sadza with vegetables Dessert – ice cream
Saturday Marinated minute steaks,Roast pork,savoury rice,pasta with polony and vegetable,gravy sadza with vegetables,vegs in season,juice ,coleslaw salad Dessert - mixed fruits
Sunday Overnight marinated roast chicken, mashed potatoes, sadza with vegetables,vegetables in season ,gravy,juice,chef’s salad Desserts - fruits
Monday Riverton oriental pork stirfry,beef goulash,fried rice,pasta carbonara,juice,fruits,sadza with fried cabbage
Tuesday Portuguesse roast pork,roast beef,brown rice,roast gravy,pasta with vegetables,vegetable in season,sadza with fried cabbage ,juice,gravy and fruits
Wednesday Roast porkwith sweet &sour sauce,beef goulash,macaroni with white sauce,Gravy ,white rice,sadza with green vegetables,juice fruits
Thurday Beef stirfry,roast pork ,fried rice,gravy,pasta carbonara with vegetables,sadza with fried cabbages,veg in season,juice
Friday Roast pork with sweet and sour sauce,Beef goulash,macaroni with white sauce,gravy,white rice,sadza with green vegetables,juice fruits
Saturday Portuguessse roast pork,brow beef stew,white rice,sadza,macaroni with cheese sauce ,gravy,vegetables in season,juice,fruits
Sunday Roast pork with vegetables,roast beef,yellow rice,macaroni with vegetables and cheese ,gravy ,sadza with beef bones ,vegetables in season,juice,fruits